Upcoming Solemn Vow Profession of Friar Antonio

Earlier in March 2023, Friar Antonio Moualeu, OFM Conv. met with our Minister Provincial, Fr. Michael Heine, OFM Conv. Upon Friar Michael’s recommendation to the Definitory at the March Meeting, Friar Antonio was approved to Profess Solemn Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, as a Franciscan Friar Conventual of Our Lady of the Angels Province. On Aug. 14, 2023, the Feast of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe, OFM Conv., our confreres will gather in Buffalo, N.Y., to witness and celebrate in community.

More on friar Antonio’s formation journey:

July 2022 Simple Vow Renewal

At the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year, friar Antonio joined our friars living in the St. Frances of Assisi Friary (Hamburg, NY) for his Apostolic Year of Formation, living in community, while serving as the Campus Minister, at our St. Francis High School (SFHS) [Seen at right serving at the December 2022 SFHS Junior Ring Mass, and at lower left during the August 2022 Freshman Retreat].
In May 2022, friar Antonio had received his Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Georgia Institute of Technology. (read more) The following July, in the beautiful SFHS Chapel, at the hands of Fr. Maximilian Avila, OFM Conv. (Friary Guardian and an Instructor at SFHS), friar Antonio renewed his Simple Vows; recommitting his desire to live the Gospel as a Franciscan Friar Conventual. It usually takes a bit longer than the three-year time frame of Simple Vows for the final preparation for Solemn (also known as Perpetual) Vows, so it is most often necessary for a friar to renew his Simple Vows, at least once during his formation journey [as seen above]. Such a Vow Renewal had not taken place in the school’s chapel for a long time, and it was a very joyous occasion.

June 2021 Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ celebration at our pastoral ministry of Holy Cross Catholic Church (Atlanta, GA) included the Eucharistic Procession through the neighborhood, led by friar Antonio

Prior to friar Antonio’s Apostolic Year of Formation with our friars in Hamburg/Athol Springs, NY, while still in study for his doctorate, he lived in a large community with student friars from several provinces, in the Post-Novitiate San Damiano Friary (San Antonio, TX), under the direction of Friar Gary Johnson, OFM Conv. (who now serves the province at Vicar Provincial). The student friars work together, supporting, learning and serving each other, as seen at left where friar Antonio helped prepare the 2019 Thanksgiving meal for the friary community. During this stage of formation, student friars not only engage in furthering their education, but also take the time to participate in active ministry. Over his summer break 2021, friar Antonio lived and served with our friars of Holy Cross Friary, in Atlanta, GA (as seen above). Even during the school year of friar Antonio’s doctoral studies, he was working in service ministries and continuing his Franciscan education. Read more about this time of formation and service in his FranciscanVoice.org December 7, 2020 article, “The Source of Joy.”

Post-Novitiate is the time of formation, after a friar has completed his year and a day in the Novitiate, and he professed Simple Vows. Along with two of his confreres (friar Raad Eshoo, OFM Conv. and friar Joseph Krondon, OFM Conv. seen at left), friar Antonio professed his Simple Vows in July 2019.  These vows are also referred to as Temporary or First Vows, since they are for only three years. They most often are renewed at least once by a friar in formation before he professes Solemn Vows, just as friar Antonio renewed in July 2022. Formation usually takes 8-10 years, beginning with the first stage of Formation – the Postulancy.

2017-2018 Postulancy Class

There were five friars in the 2017-2018 Postulancy Class, of whom friars Raad, Joseph and Antonio were postulants of our province. There are many men who discern out of formation between their postulancy year and final profession. Our province is so joyful that these three men have continued to discern that for them, answering God’s Call means living their lives as Franciscan Friars Conventual of Our Lady of the Angels Province. Continue to keep friar Antonio and all of the friars in formation for our province and around the world, in your continue prayers. They are much appreciated.

For more information on vocations visit FranciscanVoice.org or email our Province Vocation office at: vocations@olaprovince.org.

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