Congratulations, Friar Antonio!

Today, May 6, 2022, Our Lady of the Angels student friar Antonio Moualeu, OFM Conv. received a Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Friar Antonio’s hooding at the 39:52 mark in this video of the Georgia Tech Ph.D. Ceremony:

Commencement Spring 2022 Program

Another one of our student friars ~ friar Franck Sokpolie, OFM Conv. was one of the friars on hand for the celebration. He was able to catch this quick video and a few photos prior to and during the Commencement.
Here are his comments on the day’s celebrations:

“It was a beautiful ceremony. The rain right came at the end but rain or shine we weren’t gonna miss it. I flew with friar Antonio from San Antonio
[they both live in the San Damiano Friary]. Fr. Paul Scholmer, OFM Conv. [Guardian and Co-Director of the Post Novitiate in Silver Spring] and friar Cristofer Fernández, OFM Conv. [another student friar of our province] drove up 11 hours just to be here to support our dear brother. Another interesting detail – Antonio, his brother and father our all engineers. His little sister Nelly gets her PhD next week in psychology. Two doctorates in the Moualeu family! After Commencement, we joined friar Antonio’s family at an authentic German restaurant (Fr. Paul was happy, because he is German). It was also friar Antonio brother’s birthday so we all sang happy birthday to him during dinner. Friar Paul, myself and friar Cristofer drove back 11 h to DC because I had my little sister’s Masters graduation to attend on Saturday (Biochemistry and Education).” ~friar Franck


Friar Paul, friar Cristofer, friar Antonio & friar Franck

Friar Antonio’s family, with the friars on hand, cheering from the stands.

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