St. Clare Inn 2019 Annual Appeal

One of the most unique, fruitful and rewarding ministries of our province ~ St. Clare Inn provides community, care, shelter & healing journey suport for homeless women (aged 30-60), with diagnosed mental health issues. This temporary (up to one year), non-denominational, home-like setting, located in Toronto, Ontario, focuses on re-building lives and self-esteem. When a woman is ready to move on from her time as a resident of St. Clare Inn, those serving in ministry there, including Our Lady of the Angels Province friar – Founder and Executive Director – Friar Tom Purcell, OFM Conv., help her to find permanent affordable housing, facilitating a smooth transition to a self-maintainable stable living environment. An essential part of recovery is finding a home.

Metamorphosis is the theme for the St. Clare Inn 2019 Annual Appeal.
If we recall the image of the caterpillar transitioning into the butterfly, we might understand that each resident weaves her cocoon at St. Clare Inn. It’s her personal space where she can continue to address personal issues and become ‘comfortable’ with her reality that part of her life is coloured by mental health issues. As we say to the residents, these issues do not define who you are, but are part of who you are. Maybe, this time at the Inn is a time of comfort and acceptance for each woman. Hopefully, they emerge from the Inn as beautiful and comfortable in their new skin, much like the Monarch butterfly.”

For more information on this fruitful ministry of our friars, be sure to visit their website.

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