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“Fratelli tutti”

The Encyclical of Pope Francis on Fraternity and Social Friendship

The days of the long hot Summer of 2022 are fading, as Autumn ushers onto the scene. Arriving hopefully, as St. Francis expressed in the, “Canticle of the Sun,” with an array of the beauty, grandeur and splendor of God radiated in all creationThis changing of the season also reminds us that the Feast Day of Our Holy Father Francis grows near. In remote preparation for the coming (October 4th) Feast, as Our Lady of the Angels Province JPIC Director, I would like to invite you to read, reread, or perhaps listen to for the first time,
Pope Francis’ Encyclical – “Fratelli tutti.”

The Introduction to the encyclical captures Pope Francis’ understanding of the spirit of our Franciscan way of life: “Inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis gives us “Fratelli tutti,” a proposal for a way of life marked by the flavour of the Gospel. It is a call to love others as brothers and sisters, even when they are far from us; it is a call to open fraternity, to recognizing and loving every person with a love without borders; it is a call to encounter others in a way that is capable of overcoming all distance and every temptation to engage in disputes, impositions, or submissions.” Hopefully, encountering the insights so wonderfully presented by Pope Francis may stir our collective reflection and its meaning for us as Franciscan Friars Conventual today.

For your convenience linked here is a PDF Version of the encyclical along with a PDF version of a short-handed ‘at-a-glance’ summary of the text.  For those who may not always have time, are better auditory learners, or for those on the go, here is a link to an audio recording that contains the Introduction and Chapter 01. In the Introduction and 1st Chapter, Pope Francis lists the issues confronting God’s people. Skillfully, in a nonjudgmental fashion, he lays out the problems facing all humanity. And he reminds us that none of them can be healed with simple fixes nor can they be treated with band-aids. In the successive chapters, Pope Francis prophetically addresses the issues calling upon all to listen attentively to God’s grace in this moment of history.

Our Franciscan response to the multiple issues facing humanity urges us to look deep within and ask, “Am I advocate or adversary to the grace of God? Is faith leading life or has it taken a back step to something else leading? What does it mean to be committed to the Gospel of Christ Jesus and to the mission of seeing as St. Francis did; all peoples as brother and sister?”

Audio version of the entire encyclical narrated by Kevin Karam, SJ

Who is Kevin Karam, SJ?


Audio Version – Chapter by Chapter


As always, Thank You for your commitment, efforts and service to making the Making the Gospel Real – Today!  You do make a difference!

Pax et bonum…
Fr. Paul

Friar Paul Lininger, OFM Conv.
Our Lady of the Angles Province – Director of JPIC
Franciscan Friars Conventual

What Is JPIC?

A brief excerpt from “Franciscan Ecology,” Chapter III, Section 4.2; pp.127-129, a thesis by friar Jonathan García Zenteno, OFM Conv., a Simply Professed ~ Our Lady of the Angels Province student friar, who graduated from the Franciscan University of Mexico with a degree in Philosophy, in 2015 and is continuing studies at The Catholic University of America, in Washington DC. 

Farm Focus

The Biggest Little Farm is the third film in the Little Portion Farm’s sustainable agriculture film series. It will be screened August 24, 2022, at 7pm in The Shrine of St. Anthony’s “Glass Room” (Ellicott City, MD).

Job Opening ~ Volunteer Maryland AmeriCorps Member ~ Little Portion Farm

The Volunteer Maryland AmeriCorps Member will support the Farm Manager in recruiting and overseeing volunteers for a wide range of work on our diversified vegetable and fruit farm. This role entails a majority of the time spent outdoors assisting and guiding volunteers in tasks such as planting, harvesting, weeding, and much more, all of which support of our overarching ecological and food justice goals. This position also includes some office tasks including assisting with volunteer communication and recruitment.

JPIC Farm Focus

July 5, 2022 U.S. Catholic Cover Story – online article: “Catholic farmers do the dirty work of sustainable living” featuring our Little Portion Farm ministry.

JPIC Focused Solemn Vow Pilgrimage

June 1-18, 2022: Fr. Michael Lasky, OFM Conv., the Order’s Delegate General for JPIC and a friar of our province, co-led a JPIC focused pilgrimage. The pilgrims were all Solemnly Professed Friars of our CFF (Conventual Franciscan Federation: Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, U.S.A.), including three from our province – Friar Franck Sokpolie, OFM Conv. (at front), Friar Richard Rome, OFM Conv. (3rd from front) and Br. Tim Blanchard, OFM Conv. (far back)
Friar Michael stated, “Engaging our physical and spiritual senses, we were drawn out of ourselves into relationship by discovering how God is working in the lives of the friars, who are living the Gospel in solidarity with the poor and those on the margins. This led us all to encounter more deeply Christ Crucified in the little places of Franciscan minority and fraternity.


JPIC – Farm Focus

In the last month alone, Little Portion Farm planted nearly 3,000 plants by hand, not including the many beds directly sown with seeds. This total includes many warm-weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, as well as 1500 native wildflower plants put in the ground earlier this week