A Reflection by Fr. Julio Martinez, OFM Conv.

July 18th: the Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children.

From the Heart

“Why the Children?”
Sometimes we stay away from discussing certain issues because they are politically charged and because of that, we become concerned with the ramifications that such discussions will have on us.  Yet, there are issues in our society and in our world that need to be addressed and discussed no matter the consequences. It’s never easy.
We, as a people in our country, have a situation at our southern border that rips apart the human heart, especially when it comes to the children.  The news give us information about the inhumane policies that are creating a cruel environment for these children. As people of good will and as believers in a God of compassion, as revealed to us by Jesus, we need to do everything possible to see the human faces of these children and recognize the situation at the border from a humane point of view.  It cannot be just an “issue.”
When it comes to the situation at our southern border there is enough blame to go around the planet an infinite number of times. Where will such blame game get us? What will it accomplish? What good will it bring to us and to humanity at large?
Why the children?
Do we honestly believe that we have the right to treat children in such a way? What have we become? What do such policies say about who we are?

Let us pray:

Friar Julio serves as pastor of St. Julia Catholic Church, in Siler City, NC

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