CUA Spring Break 2018 Mission Trips

A “Thank You” to the friars of our province, from the Assistant Campus Minister for Mission Trips and Community Service, at The Catholic University of America:

“I wanted to write you again to say thank you so much for the donation that the Friars made to the Catholic University of America Mission Trip program this year. It was really a gift to our students to be able to make these experiences more accessible to those who don’t have the luxury of having a lot of available money. We were able to provide scholarships to several students who needed them, as well as subsidize the costs of all of the trips, which really impacted the amount of interest we had across campus. …  Thank you for all of the help and your investment in our students. It’s truly appreciated.”

Taken after a Mass attended at Stella Maris Parish in Kingston, Jamaica. The parishioners dressed in pink put on a wonderful dramatic interpretation of the gospel story of the Samaritan Woman at the well, with Jesus.

In March 2018, throughout our Campus Ministry at The Catholic University of America, students visited communities in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, West Virginia, and the USA/Mexico Border. In May 2018 a few more groups of students will be going to Belize, as well as southern Philadelphia. You too can “Accompany a Missioner” by praying for the Missioner, attending the Commissioning Mass, sending a Letter of Encouragement or donating to Mission Teams.

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