‘The Bishop of Assisi – A Heroic Light in the Darkness of the Holocaust’

To be live streamed on February 21, 2023, a ‘Digital Reception, in Honor of Righteous Among the Nations ~ Monsignor Giuseppe Placido Nicolini’ will be a celebration of Bishop Nicolini’s heroic actions in saving hundreds of lives during the Holocaust. This Combat Antisemitism Movement virtual reception will highlight the Yad Vashem ‘Righteous Among the Nations‘ recipient’s story and role in establishing a rescue network in Assisi (later known as the “Assisi Network”). During the Holocaust, Bishop Nicolini rallied Assisi’s citizens and clergy to come together and save the lives of their Jewish brethren, being hunted down by the Nazis. This included Fr. Aldo Brunacci, the Canon of the Cathedral of San Rufino, who served as the head of the Assisi Network – arranging sheltering places for Jews, in some 26 monasteries & convents, and Friar Rufino Niccacci, OFM, [pictured below] the Guardian of the San Damiano Friary, who helped to provide false identity papers and also provided protection and sanctuary in the friaries and convents under his direction, disguising the Jews as friars and nuns. Read more about them and others who worked through the Assisi Network and have been recognized as ‘Righteous Among Nations.’

The link to register for the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) Virtual Reception.

Father Rufino Nicacci, OFM pictured with Holocaust survivor, Hanna Hirsch.

The program may help inspire current leaders, and everyone, to confront hatred & bigotry in today’s world.”
~ Fr. Russell Governale, OFM Conv.

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