Ministry Outreach

Members of the Junior Catholic Leadership Course*, of our Baltimore, MD high school ministry ~ Archbishop Curley High School, under the direction of Fr. Chris Dudek, OFM Conv. (pictured above at right), delivered food collected through the school’s FYM Thanksgiving Food Drive, to the Franciscan Center of Baltimore, a ministry began by the Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore in 1891, which also is the recipient of the produce grown on our Little Portion Farm.

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*Excerpt from page 10 of the Course Description Catalogue 2022-2023:
This course will attempt to form students as authentic Franciscan ministers both currently in our Curley community, and in the future as part of one’s community, parish and family. The year will begin by discussing various existential questions of human nature such as happiness, grace, freedom, conscience and faith. Students will learn how to approach these various topics in their own lives and how to employ various basic peer ministry strategies. The course will then analyze practical applications of these fundamental principles. These will include discussions about human dignity, the sacramental life, virtue, sexuality, mercy, death, and grief. The students will be challenged to relate these various topics to their lives and find ways where they can authentically minister to their peers. Special attention will be made to show how Saint Francis and Franciscan Spirituality can speak to the various topics discussed and be a model of a radical living of the Christian life. Students will be expected to help plan and execute various FYM or school-wide activities. This course will fulfill the junior religion requirement and all students will receive honors credit from this course. This course requires previous involvement in the FYM program and requires approval of the director of campus ministry and one’s teacher.

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