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Saint Julia Festival 2022: On Saturday, August 27, 2022, our province’s Siler City, NC pastoral ministry ~ St. Julia Catholic Community was able to again celebrate its Annual Parish Festival for the first time, in three years. It was wonderful to revive this tradition that brought parishioners and the people from the greater community together.  There were games and activities for the kids, a car show for the youth, lots of music and dancing. The clown was a crowd pleaser, and the food was fantastic.  Most of all, everyone had a great time and the Festival was a success, as is evident by the joy in these great photos.
Now that parish life is returning to a new normal, Friar Julio Martinez, OFM Conv. (pastor – at center left), Friar Luis Palacios, OFM Conv. (parochial vicar), the parish staff, volunteers and parishioners hope to have an even bigger Saint Julia Festival 2023, next year.


The parish has started preparing for their Guadalupe celebration in December 2022.  The new committee is being formed and plans are under way.  For thirty-eight days prior to the great celebration, the parish enters a period of spiritual preparation, with the welcoming of the Torch from the Sanctuary of Guadalupe in Mexico. Three images of Our Lady of Guadalupe go into the community where three rosaries, and prayers, are offered every night, in the homes of the people of the parish. Presentations on Spiritual Life, and Days of Reflection take place, in the parish.  Of course, whenever and wherever the people come together, there is plenty of good food to share.  This year, the procession will begin seven miles from the parish with our men carrying the image of Our Lady. A great number of horses, mounted by their riders, will dance before the image of Our Lady, as well as dance groups, bands, and the prayers of the faithful.  This year’s celebration will culminate with the crowing of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a double crown:  Patroness of Mexico and Patroness of the Americas. (Read more and see photos from the 2021 Welcoming of the Torch)

Parishioners carrying the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe last year (December 12, 2021)

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