Franciscan Friars Conventual “Grey” Habit

2020 Extraordinary Chapter of our Province’s Blessed Agnellus of Pisa Custody

2019 Immaculate Conception Custody – Brazil – Formation Meeting

Questions are often presented about the varying colors of
grey (light to almost black) of our Order’s habit.
As you can see from these photos,
the friars of our Province and our Custodies wear varied greys.

  • Original habit was made of varied colors of un-dyed wool
  • Early in the history of the Order, standardized as gray
  • Observant friars began to adopt brown to distinguishing themselves from the Conventuals
  • After official separation, the Observants (OFM) retained the brown habit
  • The Capuchin (OFM Cap.) friars, a reform from the Observants, wear darker brown
  • The Conventuals (OFM Conv.) started wearing black to disguise themselves as secular priests, because of persecution
  • This practice spread throughout the world for Conventuals
  • Light grey (most often in warm regions or missions) to dark grey (almost black) are permitted in our province

The 2022 Ordinary Chapter Delegates representing the 169 friars of Our Lady of the Angels Province

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