2021 ~ The Solemnity of All Saints, All Souls Day, the Commemoration of All Deceased of the Seraphic Order & All Saints of the Seraphic Order

Throughout the Month of November, we are all called to continue to remember all those who have gone before us. Our varied Province ministries hold special Masses, prayer services, memorials and other events to remember the faithful served by the ministries, as well those who have been served through them. Photos and articles from many of our ministries, will be shared on our Province Facebook Page throughout the month, starting with the November 1st celebration of the Solemnity of All Saints and the November 2nd Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls).
Two more uniquely Franciscan memorial days will also be celebrated in November. November 5th is the Commemoration of All the Deceased of the Seraphic Order – Franciscan All Souls Day, when we pray for all Franciscans who have died, our family, friends, and benefactors. On November 29th we end the month in celebration of the Commemoration of All Saints of the Seraphic Order – Franciscan All Saints Day. Join us in prayer, entrusting cares and concerns to God. “The souls of the just are in peace.” “The one who believes in the Son of God has life everlasting.”

Five friars of our province met Sister Death over this past year:

Friar Augustine Pilatowski, OFM Conv. ~ January 24, 2021

Friar Vincent Lachendro, OFM Conv. ~ March 27, 2021

Friar Kenneth Lucas, OFM Conv. ~ April 6, 2021

Friar Michael Taylor, OFM Conv. ~ August 29, 2021

Friar Conrad Salach, OFM Conv. ~ October 30, 2021

Let us pray. Lord God, You are the glory of believers and the life of the just.
Your Son redeemed us by dying and rising to life again.
Since our departed brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and benefactors
of our Order believed in the mystery of Your resurrection,
let them share the joys and blessings of the life to come.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Deceased Friars since Our Lady of the Angels Province was erected:

Fr. Peter Fehlner, OFM Conv. ~ 5/8/2018
Fr. David Stopyra, OFM Conv. ~7/1/2018
Fr. Emmett Carroll, OFM Conv. ~ 8/20/2018
Fr. Patrick Gallagher, OFM Conv. ~ 9/4/2018
Fr. Henry Madigan, OFM Conv. ~ 12/10/2018
Fr. Terence Pescatore, OFM Conv. ~ 12/17/2018
Fr. Marcel Sokalski, OFM Conv. ~ 1/2/2019
Fr. Joseph Grzybowski, OFM Conv. ~ 1/24/2019
Fr. Phillip Blaine, OFM Conv. ~ 2/5/2019
Fr. Canice Connors, OFM Conv. ~ 3/17/2019
Fr. Duane Mastrangelo, OFM Conv. ~ 3/22/2019
Br. David Suckling, OFM Conv. ~ 3/31/2019
Fr. Giles Van Wormer, OFM Conv. ~ 4/10/2019
Fr. Joseph Madden, OFM Conv. ~ 4/22/2019
Fr. Firmin Finn, OFM Conv. ~ 5/4/2019
Fr. Lucjan Krolikowski, OFM Conv. ~ 10/11/2019
Bishop Elias Manning, OFM Conv. ~ 10/13/2019
Rev. Antone Kandrac, OFM Conv. ~ 11/20/2019
Fr. Boniface Reinhart, OFM Conv. ~ 12/28/2019
Fr. Edward Costello, OFM Conv. ~ 2/18/2020
Fr. Brad Heckathorne, OFM Conv. ~ 7/11/2020
Fr. Alvin Somerville, OFM Conv. ~ 8/19/2020
Fr. Augustine Pilatowski, OFM Conv. ~ 1/24/2021
Fr. Vincent Lachendro, OFM Conv. ~ 3/27/2021
Br. Kenneth Lucas, OFM Conv. ~ 4/6/2021
Fr. Michael Taylor, OFM Conv. ~ 8/29/2021
Fr. Conrad Salach, OFM Conv. ~ 10/30/2021

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