Solemn Vow Profession Announcement

These three friars of Our Lady of the Angels Province have spent the last 5-7 years completing the stages of Formation required by our Order, in preparation for their profession of Solemn Vows. They have answered God’s Call to serve His people through the work of the varied ministries of our province. Our friars serve in parishes, schools, shrines, universities, and even as diocesan leadership. They are pastors, social workers, counselors, educators, psychotherapists, scholars, chaplains, and nurses. Our friars also serve on boards of universities, outreach facilities, service organizations & social justice groups. All of our friars bring forth individual God given gifts to share with our confreres in community, as well within the ministries we serve. Friar Franck, Friar Rich and Friar Tim will add their own personal gifts, passions, talents and love of Christ, to our community. The Solemn Vow Liturgy will be livestreamed at 11:00 a.m., from Saint Louis Church, in Clarksville, MD. The link to view is:

If life as a Franciscan Friar Conventual seems like a great way to share yourself with God’s people, our Vocation Director, Br. Nick Romeo, OFM Conv. would love to hear from you. Contact him at Consider signing up for our July 29 – August 2, 2021 Summer Discernment Retreat.


Friar Franck Sokpolie, OFM Conv.: Born in West Africa, Friar Franck spent some time in Europe before moving to the United States with his family about 16 years ago. After completing one year of college, he joined us as a Postulant when he was just 18 years old. After his time spent in the postulancy and novitiate, Friar Frank Professed his Simple Vows in July 2016, and moved into our St. Bonaventure Friary – Post Novitiate, in Silver Spring, MD, where he spent four years, majoring in Philosophy, French and Francophone Studies, at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC. This past year, he served his Apostolic Year of Formation with the parish and school community of our pastoral ministry, at St. Anne Catholic Church, in Columbus, GA.


Friar Richard Rome, OFM Conv.: Born in Norfolk, VA, prior to joining our province, Friar Rich earned degrees in History, the Classics & Supply Chain Management. As an older vocation, after his time in the postulancy and novitiate, he Professed his Simple Vows in July 2018, and moved to St. Bonaventure Friary, in Silver Spring to continue his studies in Theology and Philosophy. During that time, he spent his summer visiting and serving with our friars in the Shamokin, PA area. He returned there to serve his Apostolic Year of Formation in May 2020, as the Director of The Franciscan Center (Coal Township, PA), a ministry of the friars of Mother Cabrini Friary (Shamokin, PA). The Franciscan Center works to assist those living in the coal region to create s sustainable and promising future in the area.


Friar Timothy Blanchard, OFM Conv.: Born in Albany, NY, Friar Tim joined our province in 2014, at the age of 19. After his time in the postulancy and novitiate, he Professed Simple Vows in July 2016. and moved to St. Bonaventure Friary, where he studied a variety of interested including Communications, at The Catholic University of America. Friar Tim’s communications knowledge came in handy while he served these last eight months with our friars of the Toronto, ON area. His Apostolic Year of Formation was spent assisting in their varied ministries, including those of The Franciscan Church at St. Bonaventure and that of St. Clare Inn; community, care and shelter for homeless women with mental health issues along with support for their healing journey.

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