Golden Walking Stick

img_3321As mother of Our Lady of the Angels Province friar, Fr. Tom Reist, OFM Conv., Mrs. Kathleen Reist holds the distinction of being the eldest living parent of a living friar of Our Lady of the Angels Province.  Friar Tom serves with the Greyfriars in Great Britain (our Blessed Agnellus of Pisa Custody), as the Guardian of St. Anthony of Padua Friary and the Principal of the Franciscan International Study Centre – Canterbury, Kent. Since Friar Tom is currently in the the USA for a visit, on November 22th, our Minister Provincial, the Very Reverend Fr. James McCurry, OFM Conv. took the opportunity to join Friar Tom and his sister Kathy in Boston, to celebrate Mrs. Reist’s 99th birthday.  Over tea and cake, Friar James was able to present her with the “Golden Walking Stick.”  Despite Friar Tom’s fears that his mother would “clobber” someone with it, the ever-spunky Mrs. Reist resisted the temptation.  Famous for her quips and wisecracks, Mrs. Reist did not disappoint.  When Friar James told her that he hoped to return next year to celebrate her 100th, she quipped: “If you’re still around!”
Our Province’s most recent holders, may the Rest in Peace, of the “Golden Walking Stick” were: +Mrs. Helen Sabol (mother of Fr. George Sabol, OFM Conv. – who currently serves at St. Clement Mary Hofbauer Church, Baltimore, MD); +Mrs. Mary Cymerman (mother of Fr. Alex Cymerman, OFM Conv. – who currently serves at St. Francis of Assisi Novitiate, in Arroyo Grande, CA); +Mrs. Kathryn Curesky (mother of Fr. Mark Curesky, OFM Conv. – who currently serves as pastor at St. John Catholic Church, in Cromwell, CT); and +Mrs. Violet Maslar (mother of Fr. George Maslar, OFM Conv. – who currently serves at St. Michael the Archangel Parish, in Bridgeport, CT as well as chaplain at the Bridgeport Health Center).

Prayer for Parents
O Almighty God,
You gave us the commandment to honor our father and mother.
In Your loving kindness hear our prayers for our parents.
Give them long lives and keep them well in body and spirit.
Bless their labors; keep them always in Your care.
Bless them generously for their loving care for us.
Grant that, through Your Grace,
we may always be their support and comfort,

and that, after our life together on earth,
we may experience the joy together praising You forever.