Friar Receives Minor Ministry of Lector

IMG_0057February 29, 2016:
At evening prayer at St. Anthony of Padua Friary, in Durham (NC), friar Emanuel Vasconcelos, OFM Conv. was installed as Lector with all of the friars who live and work from the friary present. He is pictured here receiving The Word from the Guardian of the friary, Fr. Brad Heckathorne, OFM Conv. Friar Manny had previously received the ministry of Acolyte, while in study at the St. Bonaventure Friary Post-Novitiate, in Silver Spring, MD. Read more about friar Manny who is currently serving through the Duke University Catholic Campus Ministry Office.

Note on Minor Ministries: Prior to 1963 and the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), during the formation process on the road to the priesthood, men were affirmed to four Minor and three Major Ministries. Now there are two; Acolyte and Lector (Can. 230 §1 and §2) in preparation for the transitional diaconate step prior to the priesthood.  These are two stable “Ordinary” ministries, as opposed to  “Extraordinary” ministries of temporary designation afforded to those not in preparation for the priesthood