Epiphany Extractions

The Franciscan custom of extracting patrons and passage, on the Feast of the Epiphany reflects a reverence for the saints and the understanding of the need for continuing promotion of personal holiness. During the extraction ceremony, participants chose a unique name of a saint to be considered a prayerful patron in addition to a short personal precept to be considered a focal point for spiritual concentrated development. This is a communal ceremony and can include not only those members of an individual friary, but those in an area, those serving in the same ministry site or those sharing the same Franciscan Charism. This can include other Franciscan Orders of priests, brothers and sisters, as well as Secular Franciscans and those sharing in ministry of Franciscan sites. The “picking” of the names and precepts are accompanied by a fraternal meal and time for fellowship. This is a time of great celebration during the Christmas season and an event which we all look forward to, each year.

Epiphany Extractions - Baltimore - 2016 (4)

Fr. Matt Foley, OFM Conv. participates in the 2016 Epiphany Extractions held in the Archbishop Curley Chapel, hosted by the the friars of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Friary, for those of our province who serve in the greater Baltimore, MD area.

Epiphany Extractions - Kensington - 2016 (9)

Fr. Robert Schlageter, OFM Conv., Fr. Marek, Stybor, OFM Conv.. Fr. Raymond Borkowski, OFM Conv. and Fr. Mieczyslaw Wit, OFM Conv. gathered for Epiphany Extractions for friars serving in the New England area.

Special Edition Friars Only Making All Things One 1-11-2016 (002)

Fr. Raphael Zwolenkiewicz, OFM Conv., Fr. Stanislaw Czerwonka, OFM Conv. and Fr. Gabriel Scasino, OFM Conv. joined with the local Franciscan Sisters for the Epiphany Extraction celebration of the NY Metropolitan area.