Help Our Aged & Infirmed Friars

085_Franciscan_selects_onionstudioThe National Religious Retirement Office provides a grant to help fund the needs of our Our Lady of the Angels Province Aged and Infirmed friars. Those tax-deductible donations provide vital support for necessities, such as prescription medications, nursing care, and to develop long-range retirement strategies for our friars as well as members of other religious communities. Please give during the annual collection at your local parish. For 2015, the national collection dates are December 12-13, although some (arch)dioceses choose to hold the collection on different dates. If you donate by check, please write RFR on the memo line. Or mail your donation to:

Retirement Fund for Religious
National Religious Retirement Office
P.O. Box 96988
Washington DC 20090-6988
Please print this Donation form to accompany your gift

Our friars also have a Franciscan Candle Ministry, from which the proceeds on every candle helps to benefit the Aged and Infirmed Fund for our friars of Our Lady of the Angels Province. Thank you for your generosity.