Friar Julian Zambanini, OFM Conv.


Father Julian Maria Zambanini, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

My name is Julian Maria Zambanini. I am 80 years-old and a Conventual Franciscan Priest in the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). I am in residence at Immaculate Conception Friary in Rensselaer, NY and I am retired.  I was born in Brooklyn, NY on January 20, 1939. My mother, Alvia Trentini was born in 1913 and one of 11 children in a small soft coat mining town in western Pennsylvania, the daughter of immigrants from northern Italy (Previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). My father, Lino Zambanini, also born in western Pennsylvania in 1910 to immigrants of northern Italy before they returned to what is now a small town not too far from present day Trento, Italy. My paternal grandfather immigrated to the U.S.A. about 1905 and my father and his brother were born in the U.S. The family returned in time for my grandfather, Massimiliano, to be drafted into the Austro-Hungarian Empire army which was at war with Russia (War of 1916); he was captured by the Russians and sent to Siberia; after 8 years he escaped and returned home. When my fathers was 18, my grandfather sent him back to the U.S. so that he would not lose his US citizenship.
I met the Conventual Franciscan Friars because they staffed Our Lady of the Angels Parish in Albany, NY. I attended OLA school grades 5-8. I was also an altar boy in the parish. In the 7th grade at OLA school, Sister Cassilda, OSF asked us to put down on paper what we would like to be or do in life. For the first time I indicated that I wanted to be a Teaching Brother and gradually a Franciscan….and Priest and most of my life I have been involved in teaching at the high school level, university level and in our seminaries in the U.S. and in Italy. I remember +Fr. Dennis Gallagher also tutored a number of us (Fr. John Burkhard and I) in Latin at OLA school.
I arrived at St. Francis Seminary on Staten Island, NY in September, 1956 after graduating from Vincentian High School, Albany, NY. Two years later, I entered the novitiate in Middleburg, NY (August 1958-1959). +Fr. Celestine Regnier, OFM Conv. was my Novice Master and for three months +Fr. Rayner Schram, OFM Conv. was the Assistant Novice Master. +Fr. Giles Van Worner, OFM Conv. was the assistant for the remainder of the year. Some of my classmates were: +James (Elias) Manning, Joseph (Barry) Angelini, +Robert Leahey, +Mel Madden and +Thomas Larity. We professed our first vows on August 12, 1959 at the Novitiate and then our Solemn vows on September 8, 1962 at St. Anthony-on-Hudson Seminary, Rensselaer, NY. Then, after studying at the seminary there and receiving an STB degree, I was ordained a priest on May 29, 1965 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY. Some of my ordination classmates were: Joseph (Barry) Angelini, +Mel Maddon, +Robert Leahey, +Elias Manning (in Brazil) as well as Alexander Cymerman, Herman Czaster and Herman Obijiski. I later received and MA in Classical Languages from The Catholic University of America (1969).

My first assignment was to teach Latin and Religion at Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, PA. Since then, I have had so many “favorite” assignments. These include:

  • 1965-1978
    • Canevin High School, Pittsburgh, PA and
    • President of the Province Formation Commission
  • 1978-1979
    • Director of Religious Brothers
    • St. Anthony-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, NY
  • 1979-1982
    • Student at the Biblicum
    • Rome, Italy
  • 1982-1989
    • Assistant General for Formation and Vice Rector and Rector
    • Seraphicum, Rome, Italy
  • 1989-2002
    • Secretary General of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of St. Bonaventure
    • Rome, Italy
  • 2008-2016
    • Guide at the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and de familia a the Sacred Convent
    • Assisi, Italy
  • May-July 2019
    • The only time I worked at one of our parishes: St. Lucie Catholic Church
    • Port Saint Lucie, FL

All of my assignments involved working with persons, young, middle aged, seniors and are my favorite assignments. In every instance, I learned a great deal from students, parishioners, friars, et al. Special to me were those times of celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, St. Francis Basilica, Assisi and in all of my assignments. I have many “special stories” and some of them are: Celebrating the reunion of the Canevin Class of 1969, my interactions with the other Assistant Generals in Assisi and the Seraphicum, working on the saintly ‘cause’ of Friar Martin de Porres Ward, OFM Conv., the miracles of the people to guide in Assisi and the conversion of a Canadian banker to name only a few.
All of my Franciscan prayers are special to me including the greeting that St. Francis asks us to use from his Testament: “May the Lord give you peace!” I also love the Peace Prayer attributed to St. Francis: “Make me an instrument of your peace” and the Our Father.
A piece of advice I would like to share with men considering a vocation to our Franciscan Order and Province is this: Let the Lord lead…listen intently…don’t be afraid to respond to His call…you are never alone. Investigate all the possibilities the Lord is calling you to. Choose one that with the Lord’s help you can live with joy and love. Be patient. “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived!” The Lord wants us to be happy…Whatever we freely choose…it is important that we speak and live our lives continuously making Him present in the world.
And to our student friars I would like to say: Continuously pray and recognize how much the Lord loves you. “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” Do not become discouraged. Have a spiritual guide that you can confide in Continuously listen to the Lord. Seek always the truth…study hard…count your blessings…we can learn a great deal from our mistakes and failures…and only with the Lord’s help we will succeed. May the Lord give you peace!

Click to read a brochure concerning the Cause for Sainthood for our confrere, Friar Matin de Porres Ward, OFM Conv.

Friar Brennan-Joseph Farelo, OFM Conv.


Fr. Brennan-Joseph Farleo, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

Hello! My name is Brennan-Joseph. I am a 75-year-old Conventual Franciscan priest of Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). Right now, I am missioned as the Guardian of St. Peter Friary in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ. I was born on April 29, 1944 in Buffalo, NY. My mother was Irish came from Ireland and my Father was Italian and came from Italy. I had two brothers, Donald and Joseph who along with my parents are now deceased.   I was taught by Franciscans throughout all my years in school. I had both OFM as well as Conventual friars and I loved to witness the community they shared with one another.
I entered the Conventual Franciscans on August 17, 1979 in Holyoke, MA. After my postulancy there, I entered our novitiate at St. Francis Friary, Staten Island, NY…my novice master was Fr. Bill Robinson and my classmates were Jobe Abbass and Maurice Richard. And so, at the end of my novitiate, August of 1981, I professed my first vows as a Franciscan friar. My solemn profession followed three years later in 1984 at our seminary, St. Anthony-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, NY where I was studying for the priesthood. I was ordained in 1986 and my classmates are Richard-Jacob Forcier and Dennis Grumsey.
My first assignment as friar-priest was at St. Joseph’s Parish in Enicott, NY but I would have to say that my ‘favorite’ assignment was at Immaculate Conception Parish and Friary in Trenton, NJ. In all honesty, I really loved all of my assignments and had fun times with most of the friars I lived with.
I have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I love any and all prayers to Him and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
I would encourage anyone considering a vocation to our Order and Province to “pray each day to know God’s Will. It’s in doing His Will that we find our peace. Stay close to the Sacred Heart.”
And to our current student friars: “Be honest and open to what God is asking you to do each day. Your prayers are so important in our way of life. Be sincere and honest dealing with God, each other and our superiors.”
I give thanks and praise to God for calling me to serve Him and His people.

Friar James Amrhein, OFM Conv.


Brother James Amrhein, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

My name is James Amrhein and I am a 78year-old Conventual Franciscan Religious Brother in the Province of Our Lady of Angels (USA). I am retired now and live with the friars at St. Francis of Assisi Friary in Syracuse, NY. I was born in Utica, NY, and I grew up in a wonderful Catholic family. My parents were very religious and led very good Catholic Christian lives. I learned about the Conventual Franciscans through my brother, Robert, who is a Conventual Franciscan priest in our Province. I entered the Order in September, 1959 at St. Joseph Cupertino Friary in Watertown, NY. It was the initial house of formation for Religious Brothers at the time. After my postulancy, I entered the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans in Middleburgh, NY where I professed my first vows in 1961 under the direction of my novice master +Fr. Celestine Regnier, OFM Conv. Some of my novitiate classmates are Friars John Burkhard, Mark Steed, Ed Handy and Nick Lorsen. Later, in 1964 I professed my solemn vows at our major seminary, St. Anthony-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, NY.
My first assignment as friar was at Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, PA where the Friars were teachers and administrators. Most recently, I was assigned as the director of the Food Pantry at Assumption Parish in Syracuse, NY. It was one of my “favorite” assignments because I think it was the most Franciscan of all my ministries!

Friar Douglas McMillan, OFM Conv.

Friar Douglas McMillan, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

Hello! My name is Douglas James McMillan and I am a 72 year-old (February 8, 1947) Conventual Franciscan Religious Brother in the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). Currently, I am retired and live at St. Joseph Cupertino Friary in Ellicott City, MD. The friary is part of the Shrine of St. Anthony there. I am a native of New York City where both of my parents were born. I had one younger brother, +David, who passed away in 2004. I have three nieces and two great nieces and three great nephews.
I found out about the Conventual Franciscan Friars by way of an ad in the former Catholic News of the New York Archdiocese. I then met with +Fr. Juniper Alwell at our friary Staten Island which also served as a Minor Seminary for the Province at that time. Shortly after my discharge from the US Army, I connected with +Brother Dennis Mooney the new vocation director and the rest is history!
I was discharged from the US Army in September, 1968 and entered the Religious Brothers Formation program in “Padua House” on the grounds of the Major Seminary : St. Anthony-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, NY on November 16, 1968. After one year of postulancy, I entered the novitiate at Our Lady Queen of Peace Friary, Middleburgh, NY and professed my first religious vows on August 16, 1970.   My Solemn profession of vows was on May 31, 1975 at St. Martin Church, Pittsburgh, PA. Brothers Thomas Purcell and Jim Moore are classmates of mine.
I thoroughly enjoyed my studies too. I have a BA in Language Communications from the University of Pittsburgh and a MTh from Xavier University of Lousiana. Each one of my assignments has its own favorable memories. For example, Canevin High School was my first assignment and I loved the fact that it was a friary and ministry full of young friars and students. I then moved to Syracuse, NY and taught at Assumption Academy and Bishop Grimes High School. Those 25 years were wonderful, and I developed many meaningful relationships. I then moved to Baltimore where I taught at Archbishop Curley High School and then later at St. Frances Academy, the oldest African-American Catholic High School in the country, founded in 1829 by Servant of God Mother Lange. My classroom there was right down the hall from the room where she died.
I have two favorite spiritual devotions. I enjoy saying the Divine Office because I find something new in the psalms each time I recite it in choir or privately. The other is the Rosary because of the calming effect it has on me.
I would also like to share with our student friars: “Remember why you entered the Order and do not become discouraged when you run into rough patches…be rooted in prayer.”

Friar Mark Steed, OFM Conv.


Father Mark Steed, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

Hello! My name is Mark Steed. I am 79 years-old and I am a Conventual Franciscan Friar-Priest of the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). I am currently retired and in residence at St. Bonaventure Friary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I was born in 1940 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My Mom was Polish and my Dad was English.
I first learned about the Conventual Franciscan Friars at my high school in Hamilton. After learning more about the Community, I applied and entered the seminary in Watertown, NY in 1958. Later, I entered the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans in Middleburg, NY (1960) and professed my first vows under the direction of my novice master +Fr. Celestine Regnier, OFM Conv. in 1961. Some of the friars in my class were +Phil Kelly, John Burkhard, Ed Handy and Ernest Rudy. We professed our Solemn vows in August, 1936 in Rensselaer, NY. I completed my formal studies for the priesthood and I was ordained a priest on March 21, 1987 at our St. Bonaventure Parish here in Toronto.
Over the years, I have had many different and varied ministries, everything from being a maintenance man, assistant novice director, teacher, director of a shrine for Native Americans and parish priest but I would have to say that my ‘favorite’ ministry was working in the northern missions in Canada with First Nations peoples there. I enjoyed living and learning about Native peoples and sharing their lives and stories. As a result, I would have to say that my favorite spiritual devotions would be Native spirituality. I also enjoy the spirituality of Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM.
If someone was considering a vocation to our Order and Province I would say: “Learn who you are in relationship with God and the Friars…and make that relationship real!”
And to our student friars: “Don’t get stuck in any particular devotion…stay open to the Holy Spirit and share your faith and insights and love of God…don’t be afraid of your relationship with God! Always look outward!”

Friar Stanley Sobiech, OFM Conv.

Father Stanley Sobiech, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony

My name is Stanley Sobiech I am an 86-year-old Conventual Franciscan Priest. I was born in Poland on July 20, 1933 in a large village of about 400 families, one hundred miles north of Warsaw. Currently I am retired and live at St. Hyacinth Friary in Chicopee, MA Senior Friar residence for members of our Province.
My life is like a serial TV soap opera “Days of My Life.” I still do not understand my childhood and high school life and now I know that this was Mission Impossible. I still don’t know why God put in my heart the dream to be a priest.
To understand my life, we need to understand the culture, traditions and circumstances – in a special way – of the German Nazi invasion, Communist rulers, revolution and divide and conquer.
Seventy-two years ago, on Thursday, September 12, 1940, I received my first Holy Communion. During the final examination the priest whom I did not know because he was hiding underground, gave us a simple question – and did not ask for an answer. His question was “Maybe someday one of your will become a priest?” The room was very quiet – no emotion – but I still can see his face. I still can hear his voice and I still keep in my heart my answer. Yes, I will be a priest.
At this time, from 1939-1945, Poland was occupied. There was almost 24 hours of martial law. Study was illegal and was punished by being sent to a concentration camp or even execution. From my village, four men were arrested and never came home. At this time, I helped my parents on the farm. When I was eight years old, I was almost a professional farmer – but I was really a professional shepherd for cows, horses, lambs and even pigs. As a child, I was physically abused many times, but my parents comforted me and helped me defuse my anger.
In 1945, when I was 12 years old, I met a real teacher for the first time. At this time, we did not have a school building, books, paper, pencils or text books. Close to Christmas 1945, we received a delivery from Santa Claus from the USA, including fish oil. This time a second professional teacher came to our village. After five years of study in my village, when I was 17 years old, I was sent to high school. This was the first time I saw a school building and a dormitory. I had my own bed – and we also had a dining room with tables and utensils. In our school there was no bathroom or running water, but close to the school was a special building and this was the bathroom – but no water, no toilet, no toilet paper…but we did have newspaper and many flies!
In the dormitory we had water and real toilets – but that building was 200 yards from the school. Later my school’s name changed to Joseph Stalin School. This school taught no religion – no crosses were in the classrooms – only pictures of Stalin, Lenin, Marx and many Communist officials. The dormitory schedule had no place for prayer or for church services. Each Saturday after regular classes we had about three hours of good dancing and then a good supper. On Sunday, we slept longer and had a good breakfast and then two by two they took us to the movies. First we had about one half hour Communist indoctrination and then a nice Russian movie. One Sunday, I visited my parents in order to practice my religion. While walking to Church, I looked over a stone wall and saw many people. In curiosity, I went through the front gate. To my surprise, a pastor whom I knew smiled and said to me: “Stanley, Stanley, stay here, stay here.” I asked what was happening. He answered: “Confirmation.” A couple of minutes later some woman I knew came to me and asked for my Confirmation name. Later some man put his hand on my shoulder, the Bishop touched my forehead and cheeks and my Confirmation was finished. I don’t know how many made Confirmation with me.
In 1954, I finished high school and passed the test of maturity. With the diploma in my pocket, I separated myself from Communist indoctrination. A couple of days later I visited Warsaw. The Father Provincial of the Warsaw Province was the first person with whom I shared my 14-year secret of dreaming to become a Franciscan friar. In friendly conversation, he asked me for my diploma. The Provincial saw that my diploma was from Joseph Stalin High School and it was a good reason for him not to trust me. He was afraid I was a spy. So he refuse me – but he gave me hope to try again the next year. This meant I must go to work. During this year I visited my family for a couple of days at Easter – and the first days of July for vacation. The first question I received from my parents was: “How long is your vacation?” My simple answer – “I’m leaving on the 9th of August.” My parents were very happy because I was able to help on the farm. Sunday, the 7th of August, was the first time I showed my mother my invitation to become a Conventual Franciscan.   She had been outside milking the cows to bring me some milk and she came home to clean the stove of ash and cook me something to eat. Her first reaction was to sit down and cry loudly as she called my name. To understand my mother’s reaction, you must know our tradition and circumstances. I was the oldest son. I had four sisters and one brother eighteen years younger than me. She was sure the priestly life was not for me. If I left the Franciscans later this meant public shame for my family. So her first reaction was fear and shock. I’m sure my family prayed hard for my perseverance and they were only very happy after my ordination.
On Tuesday, August 9, 1955, I came to a friary in Niepokalanow. My first surprise – after I finished my first cigarette – was the Novice Master saying to me: “Choose cigarettes or Niepokalanow.” The next surprise was having my hair completely cut off – my head was completely white – the halo a sign of holiness! The worst surprise came the first day of an eight-day retreat. The Novice Master said to me: “Young man, you need a dispensation from the Joseph Stalin High School diploma. My group all received the Franciscan habit – but I was still waiting for my dispensation. Now I am sure that my haircut was a problem for my Provincial. What are we to do with this young man with a halo on his head! But seven years later on Sunday, July 8, 1962 in Niepokalanow I received the gift of Jesus Christ’s priesthood.
My soap opera life ended when I asked my Provincial for a mission in Africa, but the Communist government sent me to the USA. So far, it has never been in my mind to be “the big boss” – but only a poor missionary in Africa. My happiness was – and is – to be a good “secondary” actor.
“Not to me – not to me, O Lord, but to Your Name be the glory. Amen”
My favorite type of prayer is personal conversation with God. I am in awe that God is so good to me. God knows my needs, and I am thankful for what I have received. My favorite prayer is “Angel of God”
To my younger student friars and men considering a vocation I would say: Our life without real faith is nothing. Faith is a gift from God. I believe God loves me. Being a Franciscan without faith is a waste of time. God called me to be a Franciscan, but I had a choice and said yes. My life is fulfilled.






















Friar Hugh Dymski, OFM Conv.


Brother Hugh Dymski, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony
My name is Hugh Dymski and I am a 76-year-old Conventual Franciscan Religious Brother in the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). I am currently in residence at St. Hyacinth Friary in Chicopee, MA one of our Senior Friar residences. I am from Chicopee. My Dad was a butcher who died of a stroke when I was only in the seventh grade and my Mother was a cook who worked at St. Stanislaus Parish in Chicopee. I came to know the Conventual Friars by one of our Friar-priests. In 1961, I entered the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans in Ellicott City, MD. I professed my first vows on August 15, 1962 and my solemn vows in November, 1965. My novice master was Fr. Alurelion Brzeznick, OFM Conv. And some of my classmates are Fr. Conrad, Fr. Blasé, Fr. Linus and Fr. Bede.
My first assignment as friar was at St. Francis High School in Hamburg, NY and I really don’t have a ‘favorite’ assignment. All of my assignments were good.
My Franciscan prayer life is good and I consider it a very personal prayer life.

Friar Jude Surowiec, OFM Conv.


Father Jude Surowiec, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony
My name is Jude Surowiec I am a 71 years-old Conventual Franciscan Priest in the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). I am in residence at St. Hyacinth Friary in Chicopee, MA and am a professor at Holy Apostle’s College in Cromwell, CT . I was born on May 1, 1948 in Detroit, MI and I am primarily of Polish descent. I have one sister, one brother and many nieces and nephews. The parish where I grew up was very instrumental in helping me to get to know the Friars and my Uncle was a member of the Franciscans (St. Anthony Province at that time). I later attended St. Francis High School in Hamburg, NY which is staffed by the Conventual Friars so I knew the community very well.
I entered the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans in Ellicott City, MD in August, 1966 and professed my first vows under the direction of my novice master +Fr. Dominic Slemba, OFM Conv. Friars in my class Martin Kobos, Vincent Vivian, Noel Danielewicz and Paul Miskiewicz. Several of my classmates are deceased. I professed my solemn vows on August 15, 1970 in Granby, MA.
I was ordained a Franciscan priest in Rome, Italy on June 29, 1975 after completing my studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. I later was assigned to teach at our seminary, St. Anthony-on-Hudson, Rensselaer, NY and I consider teaching my favorite assignment/ministry.
Various texts in Sacred Scripture come to mind when asked if I have a favorite prayer or devotion, so I would have to say Romans 8: 36-39 and Philippians 3: 7-16.
For those considering a vocation to our Order and Province I would say: “Reflect upon the ‘signs’ that the Lord provides for you in your life’s journey. It will help you discern where the Lord in leading you.”
And to our student friars: “Be open to the guidance of the Spirit – reorganize your gifts and talents and be willing to share them with others.”

Friar Paschal Mary Kolodziej, OFM Conv.


Brother Paschal Mary Kolodziej, OFM Conv.
Spiritual Testimony
My name is Paschal Mary Kolodziej and I am a 69-year-old Conventual Franciscan Religious Brother in the Our Lady of Angels Province (USA). I am the Guardian and Director of Senior Care Friars at St. Hyacinth Friary in Chicopee, MA. I was born in 1949 in Buffalo, NY and was one of the sons of two very hard-working parents who sacrificed much for us kids. When I was a boy, I knew about the Franciscan friars because they staffed the next parish over from our home parish. In 1975, I decided to enter the novitiate of the Conventual Franciscans in Ellicott City, MD. I professed my first vows in 1976. Fr. Alex Cymerman, OFM Conv. was my novice master and some of my classmates are Friars Joe Bayne, Stephen Frenier, Albert Scherer and Kevin Kane (deceased). In 1979, I professed my solemn vows in Holyoke, MA.
I completed my degree in nursing at D’Youville, College, Buffalo, NY. Later, my first assignment was at Corpus Christi Parish in Buffalo. I have to say that my ‘favorite’ assignment was from 1981-1985 in Ellicott City, MD with our novices. We had a very good professed community there at that time. I would also like to share that one of my more difficult yet very rewarding assignments was caring for a bed-ridden friar for two years. It was a very special time.
My Franciscan prayer life very important to me. I have a special devotion to the Blessed Mother and love praying the rosary.
I would like to share with anyone considering a vocation to our Order and Province: “Pray. Get a spiritual director and the vocation a try.”
I would also like to share with our student friars: “Consecrate yourself and your religious life to the Blessed Virgin and keep up your daily prayer life.”

Fr. Gerald Waterman, OFM Conv.

Our Lady of the Angels Province friar, Fr. Gerald Waterman, OFM Conv. hails from Bridgeport, CT and in 1973, at the age of 18, entered the Novitiate. He professed Solemn Vows as a Franciscan Friar Conventual, in 1981 and in 1985 was Ordained to the Priesthood, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, NY.
Throughout his three decades in ministry, he has served all over our province (in seven states to be exact) in parishes, formation and the promotion of our missions. His past two assignments have been in college campus ministry. From 2005-2016, Friar Gerry served the students of Elon University and he is currently serving those of Syracuse University and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

One of the favorite events enjoyed through the Catholic Center is the Thursday Night Dinner. Friar Gerry kicks off these evenings with 7:00 p.m. Mass with the group and then joins them for fellowship and food. Free and welcome to all students of all faiths, each of these Thursday Night Dinners include a well balanced meal featuring comforting foods such as Eggplant Parmesan, Pasta & Meatballs, Mediterranean Chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, Pulled Pork BBQ, Vegan Burgers and Chicken n’ Biscuits. Several times each semester, the participants add to this night of fun, with a bit of service to those who go without in the local community. After Mass and a great meal, the students, faculty, staff and visitors line up to make sandwiches for the local Samaritan Center, an interfaith effort of community members who are committed to serving the hungry and those in need in Central New York in order to promote their welfare, dignity and self-sufficiency. Read More
This tradition began well before Friar Gerry began serving as Campus Minister for the Catholic students of SU and SUNY ESF. There has been a home for Catholic students there for well over 100 years and the students enjoy a vibrant community, with devoted staff and Student Leadership. For the eight years prior to the arrival of Friar Gerry, they were under the nurturing spiritual guidance of the late +Fr. Linus DeSantis, OFM Conv. and August 2016, the diverse Syracuse community of students, alumni, parents, and friends have embraced Friar Gerry and he enjoys serving for and with the Catholic Orange and SUNY ESF communities.