Early biographers of St. Francis of Assisi characterized him as a man in love with God, with life and with his fellow human beings. A compassionate man, he sought to alleviate the suffering of those around him. He had a special love for lepers and for the poor for whom he cared with humility and love, exhorting his followers to do the same.

In the spirit of their founder, Franciscans are called to live in community, to be men and women of prayer, and to minister to the People of God. Throughout its almost eight hundred year history, the Franciscan Order has continued to generously respond to the Church’s call to minister to the poor and to all those in need.

Our friars serve in shrines, parishes and schools, as well as chaplains for other religious orders, retired and active military, homes and shelters. We also have friars serving the Church worldwide for organizations like Catholic Relief Services, as Bishops in the USA and Costa Rica, and in parishes in Japan.

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