“Theologian of Auschwitz”

“Theologian of Auschwitz” Peter Damian Fehlner, OFM Conventual
Publication Announcement
Edward J. Ondrako, OFM Conv.


“Theologian of Auschwitz,” is the name given to the long-awaited discourse of Maximilian M. Kolbe (1894-1941) “On the Immaculate Conception in the Life of the Church,” ‘notes’ that he began in 1919 and worked on including the day he was arrested for the second time by the Gestapo on February 17, 1941. Peter Damian Fehlner (1931-2018) studied Kolbe’s ‘notes’ which has become the manuscript “Theologian of Auschwitz” integrating and verifying Kolbe’s vision and the events of his life including the day he died, August 14, 1941, when he freely gave his life for another prisoner, František Gajovniček. Fortuitously, Kolbe’s original manuscript passed into Fehlner’s hands who recognized Kolbe’s work of genius. This is the first of its kind, an account of the pneumatological insights of the real or historic Kolbe as distinct from a kolbean personality recycled by any hermeneutic of inculturation and substantiated with an extensive bibliography, 857 endnotes of primary sources, and glossary of terms as they were used by Kolbe. These include: age, charismatic, divinization, evolutionary thinking, the metaphor ‘golden thread’ as the unchanging element in the Franciscan Order, indifference as in modern atheism, pure perfections as used by Duns Scotus, recirculation as used by Bonaventure’s coming out of nothing and returning , exitus reditus, two pages of history, and much more which assist the reader to understand exactly what Kolbe was saying.

[Our publisher has promised early 2020 for this monumental publication and we will inform you]

Fr. Edward J. Ondrako, OFM Conventual
Research Fellow Pontifical Faculty of St. Bonaventure, Rome
Visiting Scholar, McGrath Institute for Church Life
University of Notre Dame
July 27, 2019

Fr. Ed is scheduled to present a paper at the August 1-3, 2019 Newman Association of America 2019 NAA Conference to be held at the University of Holy Cross, in New Orleans, LA. which will reflect concepts that are a fitting start of the school year, especially universities. We can anticipate more articles from Friar Ed around John Henry Newman’s canonization on October 13, 2019.