Ministry Highlight

As part of Autism Awareness Month, the FrancisCorps volunteers (FC19 Syracuse) joined the local community for an awareness walk! Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Cook – FrancisCorps Placement: Bishop Foery Foundation, Daniel Pezzola – FrancisCorps Placement: Assumption Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen, and Catherine Rainey – FrancisCorps Placement: L’Arche

Dan Pezzola is a volunteer for our missionary outreach ministry, FrancisCorps. The mission of FrancisCorps is Gospel Service. As brothers and sisters to those “in need,” FrancisCorps volunteers share their gifts and talents in a year-long, faith based community in the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi.
As a member of FC 19 Syracuse (meaning he is of the 19th group of volunteers – serving in Syracuse, NY), he recently shared a reflection that includes this statement: “When they come in for the Bible they are also coming in for prayers. I always try to ask for their names and write them down and pray for them. Being there for the little time that I am makes me remember the little things and helps focus me on what really matters.”
Serving in the Syracuse area has afforded Dan access to not only his own experiences in FrancisCorps, but the chance to serve under the direction of Our Lady of the Angels Province friar, Br. James Amrhein, OFM Conv., in the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen of Assumption Church (one of the many pastoral ministries of our province). He is also able to utilize the few hours between service at the Pantry to serve at another one of our most unique ministries, The Franciscan Place at Destiny USA, under the direction of another one of our province friars, Fr. Nader Ata, OFM Conv.
Although Dan’s experience is a very personal one, it shows us all that when we open ourselves in service to others, our own lives are greatly enriched.

Take moment and read Dan’s entire post.

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