Archbishop Curley High School Cornerstone Day

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 – Cornerstone Day: Our friars have served at Archbishop Curley High School (Baltimore, MD) since 1961. Along with the dedicated lay men and women working, teaching and serving at Curley, we have filled the buildings and students with the spirit of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi. It was 56 years ago, on April 17, 1962, at 2:30 p.m. that the cornerstone was laid and the school was blessed by Archbishop Lawrence Shehan.  The Curley community took this day as an opportunity to tell that part of their story and to honor significant individuals and groups in the Curley Family who have promoted the mission of the school.
Video of Mass and Awards

This year’s honorees were:
Mr. & Mrs. Don Potter, Scholarship Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Rocky ’70 White, Dedicated Volunteers
Mr. Jere Danaher ’66, Unsung Alumnus
Mr. Joseph DellaMonica, Long Serving Staff
and we Franciscan Friars Conventual who were represented by our Minister Provincial, The Very Reverend Fr. James McCurry, OFM Conv.

Former Friar Administration Standing under their “old” pictures (left to right): Friar Robert Twele, OFM Conv. served from 1981-1994 as a Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Director of Guidance & then Principal – Fr. Donald Grzymski, OFM Conv. served from 1980-1988 serving as a Teacher, Guidance Counselor, then Assistant Principal and then again from 1994-2001 serving as Principal and since 2014 has been serving as President – Fr. Michael Martin, OFM Conv. served from 1994-2010 as a Teacher, Director of Admissions, then Principal, and then President

A handful of our friars who were onhand and who have served at Curley through the years, pictured with our Minister Provincial, at center.

A Curley Alum Honored Our Lady of the Angels Province friar and current Bishop of Savannah, GA, with a Cornerstone Gift. Friar (now Bishop) Gregory served at Archbishop Curley High School from 1979-1988 as a Guidance Counselor and Teacher and then as Principal:
Father Gregory Hartmayer (now Most Reverend Gregory J. Hartmayer, OFM Conv.) was the guidance counselor during and after my Curley years. Father Gregory’s guidance and connections allowed me to remain at Towson State University after my freshman year. Curley provides an excellent education to its students and Father Gregory provided critical support after my graduation. I will always be grateful for that support. Go Friars!

A Message from our Minister Provincial: Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore (MD) launched a creative new event to advance its mission while honoring its past.  On April 17, 2018,  its first annual “Cornerstone Day” ceremony took place, mindful that the Franciscan Friars Conventual have been in charge of ACHS since its foundation and the laying of its cornerstone by Archbishop (later Cardinal) Lawrence Shehan on April 17, 1962.  The Minister Provincial (Fr. James) was principal celebrant and homilist at the liturgy before the whole assembled student body, faculty and staff.  He was joined by Friars Donald Grzymski (President), Michael Martin (former President), Robert Twele (former Principal), Herman Czaster (founding faculty member), Romuald Meogrossi and Vincent Gluc (early faculty members)and several other more recent members of the Franciscan community at ACHS (Dan Lutolf, Matt Foley, Larry LaFlame, Emmanuel Wenke).  James stressed in his homily that every member of the wide Curley “brotherhood” – students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and benefactors – is a “living stone” bonded to Christ the “Foundation Stone,” whose gospel mission was continually reinforced by “rock symbolism.”  Five categories of awards were presented at the end of the liturgy: Mission Promoter, Unsung Alumnus, Scholarship Donor(s), Faculty/Staff Member, and Dedicated Volunteer(s).  The Friars of OLA Province were presented the first of these “Cornerstone Day” awards as the school’s original “Mission Promoter,” uniquely entitled this first time around “Since the Beginning.”

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