Postulants’ Tour of the Province – 2018

Our Order’s Postulancy location for the four provinces serving North America is in Chicago, IL. The Postulancy is in a friary of the St. Bonaventure Province and current Director of the Postulancy, Br. Paschal Kolodziej, OFM Conv., is a friar of Our Lady of the Angels Province. Each of the formation stages for our friars are spent in community with other friars from all over North America.
The Novitiate is located in California, in a friary of the St. Joseph Cupertino Province. The current Formation Team there includes the Director, Br. Joseph Wood, OFM Conv., a member of the St. Bonaventure Province, and the Associate Director, Fr. Maurice Richárd, OFM Conv., who is a friar of Our Lady of the Angels Province, along with Fr. Alex B. Cymerman, OFM Conv., who is a friar in residence there, from our province.
Each province also has individual friars serving in ministries, as well as governance over friars of several Delegations and Custodies, in different parts of the world. In North America, each of the four provinces primarily minister to individual local jurisdictions.
The friars of our province serve primarily along the East Coast, from Ottawa, Ontario to Boynton Beach, Florida. St. Joseph Cupertino Province primarily serves the Western Coast of the USA. St. Bonaventure Province primarily serves the Midwestern USA. The Province of Our Lady of Consolation primarily serves the rest of the USA.
It is important for the postulants of each of the provinces to take time away from the Postulancy, visiting their own individual province’s ministries, friars and friaries. Each year, after their Christmas break, these friars in formation spend the first three weeks of the new year visiting their home province. The four Postulants of Our Lady of the Angels Province, Mr. Joseph Krondon, Mr. Raad Eshoo, Mr. Gustavo García Vazquez and Mr. Antonio Moualeu have enjoyed these visits with our friars and our varied ministries.

We will continue to add photos of their adventures, as they progress. Check back for more:

The Friars of St. Anthony Friary in Durham, NC hosted our postulants during their province tour.  Pictured at left are Gustavo, Antonio and Raad with Marcello (a Duke student) preparing dinner for the weekly Tuesday Night Dinner for students at the Duke Catholic Center. Joe is out of the picture working hard at a sink to the right of Gustavo.  At right, another visitor to our friary was Our Lady of the Snows who stopped by when a winter storm dumped about a foot of snow on a state that is paralyzed by an inch or two!

Please keep our Postulants in your continued prayers.
If you know anyone who may feel called to be a friar
or who interested is getting more information during his discernment process,
please contact our Vocation Director, Fr. Russell Governale, OFM Conv.



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