Lenten Preparation 2018

Ash Wednesday ~ February 14, 2018
Our friars throughout the ministries of the province have been busy preparing Lenten Liturgical, Reflection, Celebration and Penitential opportunities for the faithful they serve. Enhance your traditional Lenten observance this year with an increase in prayer, reading Scripture, fasting and alms giving, while adding spiritual and corporal works of mercy. There are many opportunities to find the best way you can celebrate your Lenten observance, including some great tools to use in one’s personal prayer. Some have been around for centuries and some are new, utilizing the convenience of today’s technology. The Reflection of the Day podcast by Our Lady of the Angels Province friar and Assistant General of our Order, Fr. Jude Winkler, OFM Conv., can be found on our Companions of St. Anthony ministry’s website. These daily posts provide a web ministry of reflections on each days readings. (February 14, 2018 podcast) We also encourage you to please check out our “Locations” page for links to our ministries nearest to you. Come celebrate with us.

This year Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day fall on the same day.
Think about taking advantage of this coincidence by including Mass, a night of service together, or just take a few moments in prayer together before you start your St. Valentine’s Day date.

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