New Custos Elected ~ Brazil

April 26, 2017: Frei Ronaldo Gomes da Silva, OFM Conv., the former Vicar-Custos of the Immaculate Conception Custody in Rio de Janeiro, was elected on the first ballot at the Custodial Chapter in Araruama, Brazil, to serve as the new Custos for his first full term of office.

Photos above depict Frei Ronaldo making his Profession of Faith and taking his Oath of Office with our Minister Provincial, followed by the Friars’ fraternal embrace of obedience.

After the April 26, 2017 Election: The Very Reverend Fr. James McCurry, OFM Conv. ~ Minister Provincial of Our Lady of the Angels Province, Frei Ronaldo Gomes da Silva, OFM Conv., ~ Newly Elected Custos of Immaculate Conception Custody & Friar Carlos A. Trovarelli, OFM Conv., Assistant General for FALC (Latin America)

The 2017 Ordinary Chapter of the Provincial Custody of the Immaculate Conception in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ April 24-28, 2017: On April 26th, the twenty seven assembled Friars elected a “Custos” on the first ballot: Frei Ronaldo Gomes da Silva, OFM Conv. On the 27th, the capitulars elected four friars to the Custodial Definitory: Frei Jose Pinto Cardozo Junior, OFM Conv., Frei Carlos Roberto de Oliveira Charles, OFM Conv., Frei Michel da Cruz Alves dos Santos, OFM Conv., and Frei Luiz Henrique Nascimento Lima, OFM Conv. The Friars also elected Frei Jose Cardozo, OFM Conv as Custodial Vicar, & Frei Carlos Charles, OFM Conv. as Custodial Secretary, and re-elected Frei Ariel Ribeiro da Costa, OFM Conv. as Custodial Treasurer.

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