1st Blue Mass of Buffalo, NY

Two of our friars, Fr. Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv. and Fr. Joseph Bayne, OFM Conv. participated in the first ever Blue Mass held in Buffalo, NY.  The diocese plans to make it a new tradition. The name Blue Mass comes from the classic blue uniforms of police officers, firefighters and emergency medical providers. The intent is to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty as well as those currently serving. It is an opportunity for the greater community to show gratitude for those who serve courageously so that others can live more safely and with less fear. The families of those who serve are also remembered and honored.  The first “Blue Mass” was held in 1934 the Archdiocese of Washington and has become popular across the USA since the events of 9/11. (wgrs.com news story)
Friar Ross and Friar Joe concelebrated the October 25, 2015, 10:30 a.m. Blue Mass at St. Joseph Cathedral with main celebrant, Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, Th.D., 14th Bishop of Buffalo. Buffalo’s First Annual Blue Mass honored and gave thanks to local EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement departments of all faiths who live and work for the common good in the Diocese of Buffalo.Buffalo Blue Mass October 2015