2018 Simple Vow Professions & Jubilee Celebrations

Monday, July 16, 2018: Our province held our Annual Jubilarian Celebration for our friars honored for their 25th, 40th, 50th and 60th Profession and Ordination Anniversaries. The day began with sharing the Daily Noon Mass with our friars, family, friends, lay-staff and pilgrims at our Shrine of St. Anthony, in Ellicott City, MD and ending with a delicious luncheon and fellowship. Several of our Jubilarians for 2018 were able to be in attendance as we all also celebrated the Simple Vow Professions of three of our confreres. The inclusion of the Simple Vow Professions during the Jubilarian Celebration began last year and proves to provide us with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a day rich with fraternal witness.

The 2018 Jubilarians on hand stopped to take a photo with our Minister Provincial, the Very Reverend Fr. James McCurry, OFM Conv. (top row: Fr. Mark Szanyi, OFM Conv., Fr. Hilary Brzostowski, OFM Conv., Fr. Romuald Meogrossi, OFM Conv., Fr. Nicholas Swiatek, OFM Conv., Fr. Charles Jagodzinski, OFM Conv. and Fr. Dennis Mason, OFM Conv.) (bottom row: Br. Michael Duffy, OFM Conv., Friar James, Fr. John Ruffo, OFM Conv. and Fr. Brad Milunski, OFM Conv.)

Profession Jubilarians
70 years
Friar Emmett Carroll, OFM Conv.
60 years
Friar Benedict Fagone, OFM Conv.
50 years
Friar John Ruffo, OFM Conv.
Friar Justin Ratajczak, OFM Conv.
Friar Carl Zdancewicz, OFM Conv.
40 years
Friar Kenneth Lucas, OFM Conv.
Friar James Doyle, OFM Conv.
Friar Gerald Waterman, OFM Conv.
Friar Michael Duffy, OFM Conv.
Friar David Blowey, OFM Conv.

Ordination Jubiliarians
60 years
Friar Duane Mastrangelo, OFM Conv.
Friar Briant Cullinane, OFM Conv.
Friar Alvin Somerville, OFM Conv.
50 years
Friar Hilary Brzostowski, OFM Conv.
Friar Romuald Meogrossi, OFM Conv.
Friar Nicholas Swiatek, OFM Conv.
Friar Charles Jagodzinski, OFM Conv.
40 years
Friar Mark Szanyi, OFM Conv.
Friar Ross Syracuse, OFM Conv.
Friar Dennis Mason, OFM Conv.
25 years
Friar Brad Milunski, OFM Conv.

Our Newly Simply Professed stop to take a photo with Fr. Mark Szanyi, OFM Conv. who serves our province as Prefect of Formation, while also serving as pastor of St. Lucie Catholic Church in Port St. Lucie, FL. (left to right: friar Fabian Adderley, OFM Conv., Friar Mark, friar Richard Rome, OFM Conv. and friar Alejandro Maria Arìas Mosquera)

Simple Vow Professions
friar Alejandro Maria Arìas Mosquera, OFM Conv.
friar Fabian Adderley, OFM Conv.
friar Richard Rome, OFM Conv.

More photos from the day are available on our Facebook Page.

Photo Cred: Our Lady of the Angels Province friar, Fr. Tom Lavin, OFM Conv.

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