Pray Along With Us!

Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, Patroness of our Province ~ August 2nd

Our Lady of the Angels Province friar, Fr. Reto Davatz, OFM Conv. and the other members of our province Franciscan Life Commission prepared this set of intercessions for our friars’ Morning and Evening Prayer during the Triduum of Our Lady of the Angels Feast Day. We invite you to pray with us. The prayers can be started on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 and end on the Feast Day, Thursday, August 2, 2018.

All Franciscans around the world celebrate August 2nd Feast Day of Our Lady of the Angels but we friars, who are members of a province named in her honor, hold the day in high regard. There are many celebrations held in the ministries throughout our province and we encourage all to join us in those celebrations. If you are unable to join us physically, please join us in prayer by adding these to your Morning and Evening Prayers.

Notice that our province logo incorporates the Portiuncula graphic. This graphic represents the small chapel of Santa Maria degli Angeli nicknamed the Portiuncula (Little Portion) by St. Francis of Assisi, indicating the small parcel of land on which it stood. It was built around the 4th century and the chapel and parcel of land were gifted to St. Francis by the Benedictine monks. It is one of the neglected churches that St. Francis first physically restored after Jesus’ call to him at San Damiano: “Francesco, va’ e ripara la mia chiesa che, come vedi, è tutta in rovina!” (Francis, rebuild my house which is in ruins!) It is located within Assisi’s Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

It is here that St. Francis he founded the Order of Friars Minor in 1209, under the patronage and protection of Our Lady. Although The Rule was initially outlined and approved by Pope Innocent III, in 1209, as the Order grew in those first years revisions to the initial Rule were needed. After a version prepared in 1221 was seen as too strict, St. Francis of Assisi enlisted the aid of several legal scholars to compose the Final Rule that was approved in 1223. In the Bull of Pope Honorius III, issued November 29, 1223, the Final Rule of our Order was ratified.

In 1216, in a vision from Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi obtained the “Indulgence of the Porziuncola” or “Forgiveness of Assisi,” which was approved by Pope Honorius III. This year marks the 802 Anniversary of this Indulgence. Read more on the Portiuncula Indulgence

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