Prepare the Way of the Lord

The ministries of our friars throughout our province have been in preparation for Holy Week and the celebrations of the Resurrection of Our Lord. This Sunday is Passion Sunday (also known as Palm Sunday) and our varied ministries will celebrate parts of the Mass outdoors and indoors. Some will process, while others will meet outside of the church to hear the Gospel before entering.

Please join us in celebrating at a ministry near you.

Fr. Abelardo Huanca Martinez, OFM Conv. and the parishioners of Holy Cross Catholic Church (Atlanta, GA) gather for Passion Sunday, 2017, where Friar Abelardo serves the parish as Parochial Vicar.

Fr. Timothy Dore, OFM Conv. shared his 2017 Passion Sunday with the parishioners of St. Ann Catholic Church, where he serves as pastor, as the group processed through the streets of Baltimore, MD. Friar Tim is also the pastor of St. Wenceslaus Church, as well as the Confessor for the Missionaries of Charity – Gift of Hope AIDS Hospice of Baltimore.

Fr. Dennis Mason, OFM Conv. celebrated 2017 Passion Sunday with the pilgrims of our Shrine of Saint Anthony (Ellicott City, MD)

This 2017 photo is from our friars serving at the San Damiano Mission, in Brooklyn NY, who also commemorated the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem during all Masses as they blessed and distributed palms & read and reflected on the Passion of Jesus Christ. The music featured at the Mission last year included the Dave Harrington group, which provided an original score for the Sunday liturgy.

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