SFHS Immersion Program Opportunity

OLA Province friar and President of St. Francis High School, Fr. Michael Sajda, OFM Conv. and members of the Administration on screen

In a message to our friars from Mr. Thomas Braunscheidel, the principal of one of our High School Ministries, St. Francis High School (Athol Springs, NY), Mr. Baunscheidel gave an update on another event in the process of  developing the school’s Immersion Program for Chinese High School Students and their teachers from their partner school.

On Friday, March 17, 2017, the School Administration took place in a Signing Ceremony (via SKYPE) officially accepting a Partnership Agreement with a high school in China, facilitating cultural and education exchange, in addition to a potential feeder school for international enrollment.

Local Chinese Government Officials, TV Coverage, Administrators, Teachers and Students present during the Signing Ceremony

The teachers and students are from Tangyin No. 1 High School, a public school in the Henan Province interested in developing a relationship fostering a comfortable environment for their students enrolling and graduating from St. Francis High School.
St. Francis High School is tentatively planning to host eight students and four teachers for three week at the beginning of May with the hope of the students experiencing study abroad and their teachers seek a greater understanding of Western teaching methods as well as the US Education System. The students will stay in the dorms and the visiting teachers will be hosted by St. Francis High School faculty and staff members who will serve as host guides for the duration of the visit, including classrom and other observation opportunities. The visitors may also present to the St. Francis High School classes.